I get this question a lot… “Does alkaline water work?” Usually followed by some ailment… “for arthritis? Acid reflux? Cancer? Fibromyalgia?” …On and on…

It’s a loaded question. Not because it does or doesn’t work….but because when we attach it to a disease, it now becomes a “claim” and now we have the FDA breathing down our neck. To give you an idea of just how strict the laws are, I cannot tell you that the water will cure anything – EVEN THIRST, since, technically, that would be a medical claim and would be illegal.

OK, so you can’t make claims…but… does alkaline water work?

I often answer a question with a few answers to questions I get a lot…

Q:  Does alkaline water work to remove toxic waste from your body?
A:  Alkaline water enters the cells more efficiently, because it has been ‘broken down’ or ‘restructured’. This enables it to move more efficiently throughout the body removing things like fats and undigested proteins which can be carcinogenic.

Q:  Does alkaline water work to hydrate better?
 A:  Alkaline water hydrates more efficiently- again, not because it is alkaline, but because it’s molecular structure is actually smaller. That is why it has a significantly different “mouth feel” and does not bloat you like regular water.

Q:  Does alkaline water work even when you are on chemo?
A:  There are no contra-indications for this water. At the end of the day, even though it is more efficient water, it’s still just water. I have often heard people claim that their chemo ‘hangover’ is lessened while drinking this water. If I had made the choice to have chemo, I would be counter acting it’s effects with as much of this as I could drink.

Q:  Does alkaline water work with supplements?
A:  While we do say to take pharmaceuticals with ‘regular’ or ‘clean’ water, taking your vitamins herbal remedies and supplements with alkaline water is encouraged. You will get a better absorption rate and more ‘bang for your buck’ so to speak. Many people even find themselves needing less supplements due to this higher absorption rate. Listen to the wisdom of your body on this.

Q: Does alkaline water work even though your stomach is acidic?
A:  I get several variations of this question, such as,  “Won’t my stomach acid just neutralize the alkalinity of Alkaline Water®?”

Contrary to some well known TV commercials and common misconceptions, your stomach is NOT filled with acid waiting for something to be dropped into it to dissolve – or worse, bubbling up your esophagus ruining your life. Stomach acid is actually produced on-demand. And water – by itself does not trigger that. Alkaline water, when taken on an empty stomach, passes right through your stomach walls. So, no, your stomach acid will not neutralize the effects.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to email me at YourWaterLady@gmail.com with more questions, or you can call. I am always happy to answer and talk water.


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