By Mikki Meisner

July is the month we celebrate freedom.

But what actually IS freedom?

I think freedom has a different meaning to many, but this year, as we reclaim the right to breathe fresh air without a mask, go into a restaurant and enjoy a meal – or maybe even take in a concert, we can all agree that freedom is the realization of many things – some of which we may have even taken for granted at one time…

Although we did not have the pleasure of lighting off fireworks due to the heatwave we experienced, at least we were “free” to visit with friends and family in barbeques and picnics.

But none of those things are very enjoyable without your health.

As someone who has faced a cancer diagnosis and lived to tell the tale, I can honestly say, when you have your health, your list of options goes up tremendously. Freedom has a new meaning altogether.

Things like riding a bike or walking the dog may seem like nothing to some, but to others, the state of their health can keep them from doing even the simplest things.

This was brought home to me as I checked in with a dear friend who replied with a long li8st of ailments and Drs appointments when I asked her how she was. This specialist for this and that specialist for that and a new diagnosis and travel plans she probably wont be able to participate in … on and on. Doesn’t feel much like freedom at all.

So when I share my knowledge of Restructured Antioxidant rich Kangen Water, superfoods  and clean eating as PREVENTION and people don’t want to listen…. While I am still polite and kind, but inside I am sad for those that don’t value the freedom they have.

“That’s great and all, but I’m not sick”

Why would you wait till you are sick to start thinking about your health? That’s like waiting till you’re hungry to plant a garden!

Because the truth is that health is freedom. Anything else is extra. And once it’s gone…..Your choices become much more limited.

I will never forget sitting across the desk of that Dr. Listening to him tell me I would never have any more children and would likely die in a few years if I didn’t  accept his protocol of chemo and radiation. I just looked at him in horror. THOSE were my options? I was 28 years old and young and strong! Or so I thought.

I chose the “natural route” because the thought of never being able to have another child was terrifying. Not to mention, how the heck was I going to take care of a 6 week old baby while navigating chemo?

Everyone has the right to choose how they address their health care, at least here is America we still have that freedom…and I have zero judgement for anyone who chooses a path different than the one I chose – they are all hard!  

I must say, though…

With the knowledge I have gleaned about healthy water, healthy eating and healthy mindset, I feel healthy, wealthy and free beyond measure.

And since I have been given this knowledge, how can I possibly keep it to myself?

That would be pure selfishness.

So…. That’s why I share the water. I opened a store so getting the water is less creepy than going over to someone’s home you just met. (just saying) That’s also why I share my nutritional experiences. I hate the thought of someone having to go through the fear that I went through, when really, health is so simple:

” You get the good things into your cells, you get the bad things out of your cells, and then you stop doing the bad things.”

Defining those… well arguments can and do happen, but it seems to me that when you know you are obligated to share. Which is why I freely educate about what I have learned. I have spent over two and a half decades researching shortcuts to health.

Because time is freedom too. And when you’re sick? You don’t even have that.

Stay healthy my friends.

And if you are curious about what Kangen Water can do for you, or what superfoods to supplement with, or what changes you can make to optimize your health, just ask.


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